About me

A picture of my face with pink and blue hair
My face, circa 2021

Greetings! My name’s Quinn Daley (pronouns: they/them) and I’m a non-binary software developer living in Leeds.

Mostly my life online is lived on Twitter and Instagram. You can find my handles at the bottom of this page. Occasionally I might post something on this blog too.

If people have heard of me for some reason, they might have heard of me because of:

Fish Percolator

I run Fish Percolator, a tiny software development house. My business’s mission is to “change the world in small ways through the application of technology” and to that end we’ve helped numerous startups and spinoffs to get their technology off the ground.

If you have your own tech ideas, why not book in for a free consultation? Maybe we can help.

Fish Percolator has its own blog, which is probably more interesting than anything you’ll find here.

Yorkshire O.P.E.N

I’m the co-organizer of Yorkshire O.P.E.N, the main discussion and support community for polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous people in Yorkshire.

It’s been running since 2012 and I’m really proud of our little community and all that it has done.

We meet monthly in Leeds. If you’d like to come along, check out our website for more info about what to expect.

Leeds Tube

Years ago I created a fictional tube map of an alternate-universe Leeds where public transport has always been the priority. It has been quite the sensation, even today, having been covered by BBC Radio Leeds and Yorkshire Evening Post twice each.

As part of the launch of this site, I made some 2019 changes to the map for a (hopefully interesting) first blog post.

Leeds Beer Quest

Between 2012 and 2017, my partner Emily & I visited every single pub and bar in Leeds city centre, and rated them for the quality of their beers.

The Leeds Beer Quest site is still active, although of course it seems rather dated these days.

We tried to keep it going for a little while as new bars opened, but it started to get tedious as the majority were identikit bars with the same lip service paid to craft beer. Of course, there have been some gems opened since then and I like to think that privately we still keep on top of where to find the best beers in Leeds!

My other interests

Does anyone read this part of people’s about pages? These are the kinds of things you might find a blog post or two about on this site in the future.